Catering Services

Let us help with your next event! We cater widely to the Santa Monica area, and can fulfill a variety of needs. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a family reunion, or a speaking engagement, we will be there to meet your needs. No two events are the same, and we understand this. Each catering experience we host is always unique to its venue, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us for more info on how we can fulfill your next event.

Catering Options

Regular Sandwich Box Lunch: $11.99
Includes any Premium 8” Sub or Wrap from choices of Classic Subs, Turkey Subs or Chicken Subs with chips.

Salad Box Lunch: $11.99
Includes choice of any Salads on menu with chips.

We Cater Any Event!!!

Trays, Bowls and Packs

Subs and Wraps Trays:
Includes a mix of Premium Deli Classic Subs, Turkey Subs, or Chicken Subs.

Choices of Breads And Wraps:
French White, Honey Wheat, Spinach Tortillas, and Golden Wheat Tortillas

Regular Sub Trays —— Serves 5-8  |  $54.99
Large Sub Trays ——– Serves 8-12  |  $74.99

Large Tossed Chicken Salad Bowl:
Serves 8-12  |  $49.99
Choices of Harvest Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Honey Mustard Chicken, Or Cobb Salad.

Large Garden Salad Bowl:
Serves 8-12  |  $39.99
Includes Dressing Choices of Balsamic Vinaigrette, Original Ranch, Or Creamy Caesar.

Large Dessert Trays:
Serves 8-12  |  $29.99
Includes Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter Cookies

Assorted Chips and Bottled Beverages:
Chips Serves 5  |  $7.99
Bottled Beverages Serves 5  |  $11.99
Premium Bottled Beverages Serves 5  |  $14.99